Hello Everyone,

There are some important information that we want to share with you.
As some of you have probably noticed, we (Veini and Laxenia) have recently been seen a little less in Second Life.
For health and personal reasons, we urgently need to focus more on real life.

This means that there will be some changes, especially for the LvMiX Lounge.
We have our current Sim for 3 years now and it costs a lot of money every month, which we pay from private money.
But since we will be more limited here and will use the sim less often, this would be too expensive.
Therefore, the LvMiX Lounge will move to a Homestead Standalone Sim. Since we will have fewer prims there, there will be many changes.

Link to the new location:

Here is a FAQ list of all changes:

++ Is Reward Clover still available? ++

Yes of course 🙂
Don`t worry. Reward Clover and our other products stay as they are.
Support will continue to be provided within 24 hours.

++ Will there be further updates of your products or new products? ++
Yes, and also new products. We have to push this back for some time in the next weeks, maybe months.

++ Will there be Sky Areas for living? ++
No, this is no longer possible on a homestead.

++ Will there be shops for rent? ++
Yes, but very limited and different Prim Count / Prices than before.
The default Prim number is also fixed. There will be only 8 shops available.
If away, then away: If rented, you have to wait until a shop is vacant.

++ What happens to Reward Clover / Happy Clover / Money Giver / Reward Chairs? ++
still available

++ Will you remove the cats? ++
Whats that for a question? Well, we have to reduce them because Prims…. but do not worry a few will keep on annoying you 🙂

++ Will the coffee contest stay? ++
The Coffee Contest will be gone. In the last time we had the feeling that the coffee contest was mainly used by Alt avatars (alternative accounts).

++ Will the Games Contest stay? ++
The Games Contest will no longer be available. Recently, we also noticed that fewer and fewer people showed interest in it.

++ What happens to raffle and daily raffle? ++
still available

++ What happens to Bingo? ++
still available

++ What happens to Lucky Flower Contest and PointsBattle Contest? ++
still available

++ Will you ever switch to a Full Sim again? ++
If in real life everything is good again and we will be more here again in Second Life … then yes

++ Do you think that’s the right decision, you have 25000 prims less on the new Sim? ++

Yes! Since 2014 we put so much into the game. We were every day online except for a few exceptions. It also means a lot to us.
I think, many of you know that it can come to a point where health can destroy so much and you have to step down with everything.
And as I said, a Full Prim Sim is not out of the way. If it gets better at some point, we can always change again.
And we still have almost the same as before, just reduced 🙂